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Hi again! This page is really dedicated to my love for all things organization.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen this girl had color coordinated binders by subject, an extremely organized pencil case and desk, and I could really go on.  My husband didn’t even blink when the label maker arrived via Amazon for our “home office” which consists of a file box inside our storage side table…but those labels though!

This brings me to the title of this page.  “Tiny and Tidy” also known as Organized City Living.  My little family of three lives in a cozy 900 square foot one bedroom apartment in Hoboken New Jersey, and I LOVE it! Are there times where it would be nice to have the option not to share the bedroom with our baby…yes (Vision Board Dreams).  But, living in a smaller space has really taught me the art of owning less and purchasing with purpose.  Functionality can be fun, and it can make your life SO much easier!

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Use Less Do More: Products and DIYs I Love That Cut Down on Waste & Chemical Cleaners at Home

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Recently on @balancingmom.me I featured my favorite products and DIYs for cutting down on waste, and using less chemicals in my family’s home.  Here is a recap of all the things we are loving as a family, where to find them, and how to make them!  

  1. “>Ecozoi Bamboo Straws My one year old daughter absolutely LOVES drinking her water and smoothies from these, and I feel the same!  They’re durable, easy to clean, biodegradable, and bamboo is naturally anti fungal and antibacterial.  In addition, the company plants a tree for each purchase made.  I can always drink to a good cause!
  2. Lavender and Lemon DIY All Natural Window/Glass Cleaner:  This cleaner works great, and smells great too.  No lingering chemical fragrance going on!  All you need is a “>glass spray bottle, “>lavender flowers, lemon essential oil, (lavender essential oil optional) and white vinegar.  Add 3/4 cup of the lavender flowers to the bottle, and pour white vinegar up to top.  Add in 50 drops of lemon essential oil, and gently shake!  In two days the lavender flowers may bleach and lose their color.  You can just sift them out, and add in 15 drops of lavender essential oil for extra scent and antibacterial benefits!  Be sure to check out New York Institute of Aromatic Studies Online Course for this recipe and more if you’re interested!
  3. “>Norwex EnviroCloth and “>Window Cleaning Cloth: Ok I was seriously in AWE of how these cleaned my stainless steel appliances and sink leaving ZERO streaks, and without any chemicals.  My toddler licks pretty much anything so I had been looking for a non-toxic stainless steel cleaner for A WHILE!  I used the Envirocloth to clean our entire apartment, which brought me SO much joy, and prevented the use of endless paper towels! A horrible habit I had been dying to break.  If you’re on instagram please visit @mrskrempasky to get the full DL!  She was insanely helpful, and truly loves to tell you about the product!
  4. “>YINXN Silicon Stretch Lids: A great bang for your buck, and an even more amazing bang for the environment in eliminating saran wrap!  One less plastic that gets thrown away and litters our oceans for years and years.  They stretch super easily and adjust to different shapes and sizes.
  5. DIY All Natural Foaming Hand Soap: This is SO easy to make, and extra fun to involve the kiddos with!  All you need is a “>foaming soap dispenser, “>unscented castile soap, oil of your choice, and an essential oil with antibacterial properties such as lavender, frankincense, tee tree, or peppermint is optional.  Fill the soap dispenser 3/4 way full with filtered water, add two tablespoons unscented pure castile soap, one tablespoon of oil, and 10 drops essential oil.  Shake gently and enjoy!  The ingredients will last and last you, and you will throw out less and less soap bottles/ soap bottle refills!
  6. “>ReZip Silicon Bags: These have become a playground snack staple for our family!  They come in all different sizes, and styles, and are easy to open and clean!  It feels so good to say good bye to wasting tons of ziploc bags!  Again, you get a lot of bags for your buck all while helping our environment!
  7. Public Goods: I just tried this company for the first time, and it made introducing some eco-conscious, non-toxic, and sustainable products relatively affordable.  Especially, with the initial 20 dollars off for your first purchase!  I am a big fan of their treeless toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins.  As well as their bamboo toothbrushes, and their natural travel sized shampoo, lotion, and conditioner!  Here is my link if you want to try and receive 20 dollars off!

That’s it!  It feels good to share and shop, especially when it comes to doing more, using less, and taking care of our families and environment! 


DIY Cleaning Pic

Spring cleaning with the windows open! TWO room refreshers you can make using 2-3 ingredients 🌱 ✨Cleaning Mantra: Thank you home for your protection and abundance ✨

Fresh Furniture Spray

Glass Spray Container 

3/4 filled with water

2 Tablespoons Witch Hazel 

15 drops Lavender (I add amethyst stones to bottom for extra protective energy 💫) ✨

Carpet Recharge 

1/4 cup baking soda

10 drops lemon oil

10 drops lavender oil 

Whisk with fork & shake all over carpet, then vacuum! @acleanslate_  INSPO!

Cleaning with Intent 


Who HAS to clean, but struggles with the motivation to do it?  Personally, I love having a clean home; and I don’t mind putting in the work.  However, I was looking for a way for it to “spark joy”.  I was also looking for ways to clear out toxins in my home as well as toxic energy.  This combined with not always being able to find time for yoga or sit down meditation led me to begin cleaning with intent.  It has been a welcomed change!  Here is the HOW TO for anyone who wants to wipe their house clean, increase their energy, focus on gratitude, and wipe their mind clean as well! 

Step 1: I use a plant based cleaner called Thieves, but any non-scented cleaner will do!  The more natural the better!  In my Thieves cleaner I add: 1/4 cup of white vinegar (to preserve), and essential oils that not only serve as antibacterial, immune boosters, etc.  But, are also widely used in meditation and aromatherapy to clear negative energy and boost mental clarity(combined they also smell FANTASTIC!).  The three oils I add (roughly 5-8 drops of each) are Eucalyptus, Cedar wood, and Lemon.  This makes for a great all surface cleaner!

Step 2:  I set my intention:  Prior to beginning to clean you pick an intention that includes clearing the energy in the house.  Mine is “I clear all negative energy from this space, and replace it with love, light, and positivity.”  I then repeat this in my head as I clean, vacuum, dust, etc. each room.  It becomes a form of moving meditation!  This helps me stay present, and think A LOT less about how I don’t maybe want to be cleaning!

Step 3: Gratitude: Once finished I thank my home for sheltering and protecting our family! That’s it! It’s sort of become an added spiritual practice for me!  I hope if you try it you experience the same!

“I Can Get It Myself” Cabinet 

  1. Pick a low cabinet in your apartment and designate that as your baby/child’s.
  2. Everything in the cabinet should be safe for your child, as well as a functional part of their day.
  3. Categorize using your shelves.  Maybe one shelf is the snack shelf, another is tableware, another is cups, etc.
  4. Do not worry about opening snack boxes.  This is a great opportunity for your child to advocate for help OR to figure out how to open the box on their own.  For small children leave snack packs or bars in their boxes.  It is good fine motor, visual spatial, motor planning, etc. for your child to navigate getting a snack out of the box.
  5. If your child is receiving Speech or ABA Therapy this is a great at home space to pair with Picture Exchange Communication.  Definitely discuss with your child’s team!
  6. Use the cabinet as an opportunity to incorporate “chore” into your child’s day.  Chores provide a lot of positives for children.  Maybe after grocery shopping they put away their snacks.  Or check their cabinet before a trip to the store and letting you know what snacks are almost gone.  The opportunities are endless!

Have fun with it! Organization can be Educational!

Tiny Closet-Tiny Budget Solutions

My daughter’s closet is the hall closet in our 900 square foot one bedroom apartment.  I love our tiny space, I’m constantly observing spaces in our home that I could add more storage or create just a tiny bit more space….on a BUDGET!  Custom closets aren’t in the cards right now  so here are some creative solutions and Marie Kondo INSPO on how I have made a clothing closet out of a hall closet.

  1.  If you have height USE IT USE IT USE IT! I added an extra extension bar for coats.  I chose those to be up high since I don’t need to reach them often.
  2. Thin hangers: thin felt hangers are a game changer for tight spaces.  They enable you to hang more without the bulk.  In addition, if your baby/child has matching outfits you can loop the pants through the hanger to avoid more folding and SEARCHING for those matching pieces.
  3. Carts! If you can put something on wheels with open shelf compartments it is great!  First off, anything on wheels means it shifts around easily!  Also, if you fold the Marie Kondo way and stand pants and pajamas up it makes it so easy to grab on the go and also see what you have!  I organize with sizes that currently fit her up front and any sizes she has to grow into in the back! I also, categorize (If you haven’t asked yourself yet….yes I am a tad OCD).
  4. Hanging shoe storage!  You can also use this to organize bows and socks!  I also use it to store seasonal items I need to get at, like sunscreen!

Small space is still space! It’s all how you look at it! 

tiny and tidy