Freedoms of Choice

I’ve been absent from the blog for a little as life gets busy!  My baby has completely turned into a toddler and worldwide there has been a lot going on, which has been leading me to really think about my mindset around choices.  Making them, teaching them, responding to them rather than REACTING to them.  My toddler is not “terrible”, but she is yearning for independence.  She is yearning to exercise what small amounts of FREEDOMS of choice she may have.  It is my job to provide them.  It is my job to allow her to exercise independence safely.  It is my job to be accepting, flexible, patient, and observant.  It is my job to practice stopping, thinking, regulating, and then deciding in my daily life.  My path is largely laid board by board with my own choices.  Learning to make decisions begins with learning to recognize and respond to provided choices.  As parents and mentors, we can cultivate decision making skills, as well as leadership mentalities from a young age.