Creating a “Podcast” to Create Opportunities for Learning: Boost Social Competencies, Public Speaking Skills, Narrative Skills, and More!

I have used a podcast project with individuals that focuses on social language competencies that can be a struggle to understand and implement in day to day rapid conversational exchanges.  In working with individuals, I try to notice their different strengths, like visual memory. In addition, if they greatly enjoy talking on specific topics, or movement activities!  You could do this with your own child to help build narrative skills as well!  It’s an especially fun activity to boost public speaking skills, sequencing skills, recall, and more!  A great time to do it may be after a vacation, before sitting down to write a research paper or opinion piece, you name it you can use it!   

The result…..lots of motivation, interest, and self-reflection!

All is Well: Two Things I Love for Encouraging Children to Find Calm with Others and Within Themselves

 Today I’m sharing two tools I use and LOVE for encouraging self-regulation through adult guidance and compassion. It’s important to remember that emotional regulation is a developmental process, so we as adults cannot expect our children to always demonstrate regulated and desired behaviors. Instead, we AND our children benefit from working together in quiet moments to co-regulate and help encourage budding skills.

What Are Your Thinking Habits? 5 Ways to Cultivate Resilience & A Growth Mindset (For the Whole Family!)

Research indicates that people who are resilient are more likely to be healthier, live longer, be more successful at school and in their careers, feel happier in relationships, and be prone to less depression (Reivich & Shatte, 2002).  Moreover, SELF-COMPASSION bears a greater impact on resilience than self-esteem does!  In short let’s show our children, and ourselves some SERIOUS self-love! 

Here are five simple ways to encourage self-compassion, growth mindset, and positive self-talk!

Be the Tree

Be the Tree I was at the park the other day with my daughter.  We were having one of those…

Netflix and Inspire: Chasing Coral

The next generation needs our Oceans…I recently watched Chasing Coral with Richard Vevars.  The film gives you so much amazing information about a world that sustains OUR world.  Coral Reef Ecosystems provide food and a source of income for over 500 million people.  The ocean is a life source for us, but for most of the population it is also out of sight out of mind. We have lost 80-90% of coral in Florida, and in the last 30 years we have lost 30% of the world’s corals.

Will You Be My Listening Partner?

The listening partner is just that…an ACTIVE LISTENER. They do not need to offer solutions, they do not need to try to reaffirm you, they do not need to try to solve your problem.  They are an invaluable set of ears and a willing heart.

12 Things I Have Learned in 12 Months

Today is my baby’s first birthday.  12 months of newness.  12 months of navigating an entirely new reality.  12 months of realizing that all the months going forward are going to contribute to the largest learning curve I have ever been on.  These are the 12 lessons she has taught me in 12 months.