So Chill Chicken Salad

This is a Sunday Meal Prep MUST! We were at the grocery store the other day and my husband grabbed a plastic container of pre-made chicken salad that would have maybe fed him twice.  I love chicken salad so I figured this was the perfect time to practice my new intention of cooking once, eating twice (or more) as well as cooking with more whole and organic ingredients.  I call this the “So Chill Chicken Salad” it requires mostly “chilling out” while you make it.  You can feel free to add more veggies, like celery, or even different fruit and nuts!  I like to keep my recipes flex because everyone’s body is different, and I truly believe that creatively cooking is good for the soul!

My Levels of Like: Breaking Through Rigid Thinking & Encouraging Problem Solving

Let’s be honest, all of us have used “I hate…” before.  We have all become so stuck in a specific mindset about an activity, person, problem, that we cannot see it any other way.  It’s black or white and it’s never going to change.  The issue with this is it stifles our ability to make positive change, seek support, or set a boundary.  One tool I was introduced to via Social Thinking is the “Level of Like Scale”.  It has become one of my favorite tools in working with clients who present difficulties with flexible thinking, social cognition, and executive functioning.  Moreover, it has also become a tool I utilize for myself, and once my daughter is older, I will utilize as a parent. 

Easy Like Sunday Morning Granola

I am not going to lie…after making this granola once I will probably rarely buy store granola again because it was truly SO EASY! It’s also delicious and you could truly tailor it anyway you want! I used seasonal honey as a natural sweetener and because it’s been known to help with pesky seasonal allergies! You can substitute the honey with maple syrup, or choose a different oil! Also, a great recipe to get the kids involved in! ❤️ Tons of Vitamin L included (LOVE) ❤️

Plant Medicine: 8 Ways to Incorporate Plants that Benefit Mind, Body, and Soul

No…I’m not talking about what you think!  But I am a huge believer that plants are incredibly beneficial to our health mentally, physically, and spiritually.   You can see seven ways how here!  When we moved from San Diego one of the things, I missed most was the seamless indoor/outdoor living.  Now that we live in the city, I have had to get creative with how I can get my fix! So, here are 8 ways to incorporate some Plant Medicine into your daily living, that are sure to help you GROW.

Creating a “Podcast” to Create Opportunities for Learning: Boost Social Competencies, Public Speaking Skills, Narrative Skills, and More!

I have used a podcast project with individuals that focuses on social language competencies that can be a struggle to understand and implement in day to day rapid conversational exchanges.  In working with individuals, I try to notice their different strengths, like visual memory. In addition, if they greatly enjoy talking on specific topics, or movement activities!  You could do this with your own child to help build narrative skills as well!  It’s an especially fun activity to boost public speaking skills, sequencing skills, recall, and more!  A great time to do it may be after a vacation, before sitting down to write a research paper or opinion piece, you name it you can use it!   

The result…..lots of motivation, interest, and self-reflection!

All is Well: Two Things I Love for Encouraging Children to Find Calm with Others and Within Themselves

 Today I’m sharing two tools I use and LOVE for encouraging self-regulation through adult guidance and compassion. It’s important to remember that emotional regulation is a developmental process, so we as adults cannot expect our children to always demonstrate regulated and desired behaviors. Instead, we AND our children benefit from working together in quiet moments to co-regulate and help encourage budding skills.