It’s Not About The Mask

This pandemic has been a chaotic, humbling, and shifting experience.  It feels as though information can change daily, plans can change daily, and (personally) my mindset can change daily.  Moreover, as a parent and professional I realize that this pandemic is an opportunity for me to teach my children the importance and power of collective thinking.  This pandemic has brought to light new social norms, some of which seem unnatural; such as remaining away from those we love.  It has also highlighted how sometimes we can get caught up in being an individual with individual desires, rights, values, wants, needs, etc.  You can be beautifully individual and still be part of the group goal.  In fact, we as humans have always depended on each other.  This time is no different. 

Except that…

We need to remain physically apart. While mentally and emotionally we need, more than ever, to come together.