Plant Medicine: 8 Ways to Incorporate Plants that Benefit Mind, Body, and Soul

Plant Medicine

No…I’m not talking about what you think!  But I am a huge believer that plants are incredibly beneficial to our health mentally, physically, and spiritually.   You can see seven ways how here!  When we moved from San Diego one of the things, I missed most was the seamless indoor/outdoor living.  Now that we live in the city, I have had to get creative with how I can get my fix! So, here are 8 ways to incorporate some Plant Medicine into your daily living, that are sure to help you GROW.

  1. Go pick a bouquet at your local farmers market or farm! Mindfully choose the flowers by smelling, looking, feeling. This is a great activity for children as it really uses so many senses, and descriptive vocabulary.
  2. Grow herbs and LETTUCE indoors! I am really not kidding!  Lettuce is actually crazy easy to grow indoors if you have a windowsill that gets great light!  Not to mention, herbs can give off wonderful aromas!  Windowsill “gardens” are a great way to get your fix if you crave working in the garden, but just don’t have the option!  It’s also great for your mind because having plants and fresh herbs around the house makes you think about being outdoors, invoking those feel good vibes!
  3. Give plants as gifts! Succulents are fantastic gifts as they aren’t hard to maintain!  Plants are a GREAT gift for children in teaching them how to care for something outside of themselves…and you don’t have to walk it! It’s also a great opportunity for them to get a little dirty…which can benefit them emotionally and physically!
  4. Use plants as wall ART! Incorporate them into your home décor! They don’t just need to sit on the floor!  Hanging pots are an amazing way to incorporate succulents or open shelvesare a great place for air plants (Check out these shelves made by another Mom)!
  5. Diffuse essential oils! Instead of burning a candle for hours at a time.  Look into getting a diffuser and incorporating natural aromas!  Lavender stimulates relaxation, if you’re looking to boost your mood citrus oils are a fantastic way to do so!  Rosemary is known for its support in instilling confidence and removing thoughts of self-doubt.  Peppermint is great for adding energy before a night out or a workout!
  6. Incorporate all natural, plant-based cleaners into your cleaning routine! Here is a lavender-lemon window cleaner I have made and loved!
  7. Go on a nature walk! Pick up leaves, eat lunch under a tree!  Just enjoy! We evolved living in nature, so it only makes sense that we feel good returning to it!
  8. Eat more leafy greens and seasonal vegetables! Do you ever notice that as spring and summer approach we start to crave more fresh greens?! Our bodies are smart and know that this is the time those food sources grow!  Aim to incorporate one fruit or vegetable each meal and see how you feel!