Use Less Do More: Products and DIYs I Love That Cut Down on Waste & Chemical Cleaners at Home

Recently on I featured my favorite products and DIYs for cutting down on waste, and using less chemicals in my family’s home.  Here is a recap of all the things we are loving as a family, where to find them, and how to make them!  

  1. “>Ecozoi Bamboo Straws My one year old daughter absolutely LOVES drinking her water and smoothies from these, and I feel the same!  They’re durable, easy to clean, biodegradable, and bamboo is naturally anti fungal and antibacterial.  In addition, the company plants a tree for each purchase made.  I can always drink to a good cause!
  2. Lavender and Lemon DIY All Natural Window/Glass Cleaner:  This cleaner works great, and smells great too.  No lingering chemical fragrance going on!  All you need is a “>glass spray bottle, “>lavender flowers, lemon essential oil, (lavender essential oil optional) and white vinegar.  Add 3/4 cup of the lavender flowers to the bottle, and pour white vinegar up to top.  Add in 50 drops of lemon essential oil, and gently shake!  In two days the lavender flowers may bleach and lose their color.  You can just sift them out, and add in 15 drops of lavender essential oil for extra scent and antibacterial benefits!  Be sure to check out New York Institute of Aromatic Studies Online Course for this recipe and more if you’re interested!
  3. “>Norwex EnviroCloth and “>Window Cleaning Cloth: Ok I was seriously in AWE of how these cleaned my stainless steel appliances and sink leaving ZERO streaks, and without any chemicals.  My toddler licks pretty much anything so I had been looking for a non-toxic stainless steel cleaner for A WHILE!  I used the Envirocloth to clean our entire apartment, which brought me SO much joy, and prevented the use of endless paper towels! A horrible habit I had been dying to break.  If you’re on instagram please visit @mrskrempasky to get the full DL!  She was insanely helpful, and truly loves to tell you about the product!
  4. “>YINXN Silicon Stretch Lids: A great bang for your buck, and an even more amazing bang for the environment in eliminating saran wrap!  One less plastic that gets thrown away and litters our oceans for years and years.  They stretch super easily and adjust to different shapes and sizes.
  5. DIY All Natural Foaming Hand Soap: This is SO easy to make, and extra fun to involve the kiddos with!  All you need is a “>foaming soap dispenser, “>unscented castile soap, oil of your choice, and an essential oil with antibacterial properties such as lavender, frankincense, tee tree, or peppermint is optional.  Fill the soap dispenser 3/4 way full with filtered water, add two tablespoons unscented pure castile soap, one tablespoon of oil, and 10 drops essential oil.  Shake gently and enjoy!  The ingredients will last and last you, and you will throw out less and less soap bottles/ soap bottle refills!
  6. “>ReZip Silicon Bags: These have become a playground snack staple for our family!  They come in all different sizes, and styles, and are easy to open and clean!  It feels so good to say good bye to wasting tons of ziploc bags!  Again, you get a lot of bags for your buck all while helping our environment!
  7. Public Goods: I just tried this company for the first time, and it made introducing some eco-conscious, non-toxic, and sustainable products relatively affordable.  Especially, with the initial 20 dollars off for your first purchase!  I am a big fan of their treeless toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins.  As well as their bamboo toothbrushes, and their natural travel sized shampoo, lotion, and conditioner!  Here is my link if you want to try and receive 20 dollars off!

That’s it!  It feels good to share and shop, especially when it comes to doing more, using less, and taking care of our families and environment!