2018 Thank You, Next.

Dear 2018, Thank You, Next.

I’m so freaking grateful for my….JOURNEY

Ariana Grande’s new song really has a point.  The line where she explains she hasn’t lost, but she LEARNED, in essence, inspired this post.  2018 has been a really transformative one for me.  I became a parent.  I left a full-time position as an SLP.  I gained another full-time position as a mom. I went from a marriage to a family.  I struggled. I succeeded.  I failed.  I learned.

Dear 2018, Thank You, Next.

The greatest thing I can say is THANK YOU, because these past 365 trips around the sun have shown light and darkness, and I have learned so incredibly much.  Did I have goals I didn’t meet? YES!  But I also had accomplishments and growth in areas I really didn’t even know existed for me.  I learned that selfless and selfish are not the only ways to be. I learned I can always ask for help.  I learned just how valuable time is.  I learned that learning is one of my favorite things.  For 2019 I don’t want to look at the days that make up a year in terms of “goals”.  I want to take each moment, be present, FEEL, and recognize where I can find peace and positivity.  I want to move my body, practice self-care consistently, and be the best version of myself for my daughter to watch (I also want to put less sugar in my coffee). I want to look at moments of fear, or doubt, and simply say, THANK YOU, NEXT.  Because, those do not serve me. 

The New Year is not about fresh starts.  I did A LOT of work in 2018.  I don’t want to re-start.  I want to BUILD on my foundation.  The foundation that I have built brick by brick and learned from as I went. I know you know what I mean! I encourage YOU to be SO VERY DARN proud of the foundation you’ve built in this past year.  I encourage you to look at the bricks that you laid, the progress you made, and give yourself a double high five!  Be proud of those.  The pile of bricks (or goals or things) left to do?  THOSE ARE THE KEY.  THEY ARE NOT PRESENT TO REMIND YOU WHAT HAS NOT BEEN DONE OR ACHIEVED.  THEY ARE THERE TO SHOW YOU THAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF MORE! YOU HAVE THE RESOURCES AND ABILITIES TO GROW!   What is next?  It doesn’t have to be well planned or formulated.  It doesn’t have to start on January 1st.  You can start when you feel it’s right.  What do YOU FEEL that you need to build on in 2019?  How can you do it? Who can help you? What can help you?

And, if you are carrying ANYTHING from 2018 that cannot help you drop it….Thank You, NEXT. 

I wish everyone who reads this a truly healthy and healing New Year.  Full of opportunities to practice happiness, love, and courage. You can do all hard things!  And, while we do those hard things that further strengthen that foundation, we can also fill our cups.  It’s a beautiful act of balance.  There is no room for fear, or doubt, or negativity in my growing foundation.  If they creep in, all I have to say in 2019 is THANK YOU, NEXT.