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Around the Holidays I feel like a lot of attention gets paid to health and fitness as well as cookies, candy, candy corn, candy canes, maple syrup…

The Buddy the Elf diet is pretty much your average Holiday Party.  So my husband has been extra focused on hitting the gym to avoid “The Dad Bod”.  I basically heard about “The Dad Bod” my entire pregnancy, especially since it was #blowingup Instagram.  Celebrities were weighing in on their love of “The Dad Bod”, and who wore it best. When I was pregnant my husband would joke that he had to eat out of “solidarity”, which I still don’t completely get.  My body isn’t gaining a few pounds from a newfound love of Tater Tots…MY BODY IS GROWING A HUMAN BEING!  My husband is a really wonderful person, and he really did everything he could to make my pregnancy easy.  He meant well as always.  The thing is, and I want all women to know this, your body is bad ass!  The “Mom Bod” is super human!  I’m not going to say you should feel beautiful, because there is something greater than that.  YOU SHOULD FEEL POWERFUL!  Because you freaking are!

The “Mom Bod” doesn’t get a whole lotta love or attention for that matter.  “Dad bods” are trending…and “Mom Bods”, well “Mom Jeans” have made a major comeback.  But, with this post I really want you to FEEL THE LOVE!

Postpartum “The Dad Bod” struck again.  About two days after bringing home baby my husband put on his gym sneakers and said he really needed to go exercise, jokingly, to keep away “The Dad Bod”.

I remember thinking it’s cool.  Me and my new “Mom Bod” will just be here on our inflatable CVS doughnut leaking fluids. Again, BEAUTIFUL…not really…POWERFUL hell yes!  I didn’t see it this way at first, but women have some seriously CRAZY strong bodies. We have this amazing ability to nurture those around us physically and emotionally.

As women, especially during big changes in life, we hear a lot of “You look beautiful”.  Postpartum I did not feel beautiful. Out of body experience (maybe from lack of sleep?) would have been a better description.  It took a while for me to adjust.  Frankly I sort of felt a little noodle-like.  My abs sort of didn’t work anymore (and no longer stuck together), my lower back hurt a lot, and standing for long periods of time sort of felt like an Olympic sport.  It was a serious adjustment.  I had a new role and a new body. Today my “Mom Bod” gets a LOT of credit.  It deserves a lot of love.  It deserves a lot less focus on “beautiful” and a lot MORE focus on strength, resilience, and appreciation!

When I was able to exercise again I ran a fifteen-minute mile(ish).  It was hard, especially mentally because it didn’t feel like MY body.  But, I really needed to keep trying to reach a change in mindset.  For every woman in that boat right now KEEP ROWING.  You literally just did the most powerful thing imaginable, and you will keep doing it raising good humans! You will keep doing it caring for and about yourself.  

This Holiday Season, and NEW YEAR this woman and her “Mom Bod” are going to focus on teaching my daughter that the largest compliments she receives focus on hard work, kindness, love, and strength. 

The “Mom Bod” has given me insight into how appreciative I should truly be of this body.  It is so strong, and I have the power to take care of it while taking care of my family.  Celebrate yourself, and whatever stage you are in!  Celebrate whatever it is that YOU DO that makes you and your body feel healthy and strong.  Appreciate what it gives you every single day.  If you have goals for changes you would like to make that is AMAZING. Focus on FEELING well.  Focus on whatever time or effort you put toward your goals, because that is the time that matters.

I’m going to say it….Strong is Beautiful. To me “Mom Bod” is a heck of a compliment. Because to me it means that this body of mine is capable of more than I could have EVER imagined.