2018 Thank You, Next.

Dear 2018, Thank You, Next. I’m so freaking grateful for my….JOURNEY Ariana Grande’s new song really has a point.  The … More

It’s Not About Being Perfect

The purpose of life is to grow, through effort.  If life were perfect, we would never have the opportunities to strut our stuff!  Is every single day filled with endless moments of joy? No.  But, there are little gems of joy sprinkled around that we can always pick up and hold in our hand. 

Teaching through Family Movies: Press Play & Run, Run, Rudolph

Don’t shy away from teaching your kids the hard lessons!  Talking about them in such a fun setting enables them to learn social and emotional strategies that they can carry with them! Social and emotional skills are often called the “soft” skills…. except they work on the HARDEST lessons.  On the foggiest of nights it helps to have a leader to shine a little light!

Not Everyone Has to Like You. But YOU DO

LOVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS TOO BECAUSE THAT’S THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO. You cannot control the reactions of others, nor their actions.  But, you can control your own.  You don’t need to be best friends with everybody in the sand box, but it’s important to show up as the person that loves who they are, and trusts in who they are.  There are ways to negotiate respectfully, stick up for yourself respectfully, collaborate respectfully. 


The “Mom Bod” is super human!  I’m not going to say you should feel beautiful, because there is something greater than that.  YOU SHOULD FEEL POWERFUL!  Because you freaking are!

Sleep, Babies, & Rock and Roll

I’m writing only to cheer you on as an individual.  You are awesome! You are that backstage kick butt crew that holds the whole show together NO MATTER HOW YOU DO IT!  Is it always comfortable? HECK NO!  But, working through that uncomfortable and getting to that bring down the house performance of a full night sleep, eating broccoli, taking first steps, finishing homework, riding a bike…is cell phones swaying in the air AMAZING!