What Can We Teach Our Kids With Elf On The Shelf?

Elf on the Shelf is back starting December 1st so of course Pinterest is a plenty with cute, creative, and often complicated ways to stage him or her.  What if this year you could use your Elf on the Shelf to not only encourage “nice” versus “naughty”, but to also encourage positive self-reflection and gratitude? Elf is ALWAYS watching, and has that all too amazing direct line to the big jolly man up North.

Personally, I think Elfie has a greater mission than just watching.  He can also serve as a way to report back to your child on a moment during the past day or night where they were courageous, patient, resilient, kind, generous, etc.

As a parent or teacher or caregiver it helps you to find a way to practice gratitude or positive reflection about your child each day (double score), and it enables your child to hear about a time where they can be proud of themselves!

“I was really nice to my little sister yesterday, that was fun, AND someone noticed my kindness and felt good about it too!”

It’s simple…

Step 1: Positive Self-Reflection: Every morning Elf has a short note.  The note reads with one kind of direct compliment.  “I loved how you worked through that hard math homework.  Way to stick with it!”

That’s it! Maybe it opens up a discussion with you and your child about other positive moments they had that day, or want to have TODAY!

Step 2: Gratitude: Starting December 1st Elf arrives with instructions.  Each night your Child (plus parents maybe?!) need to tell Elf, or write to Elf, ONE thing they are grateful for that day.  Just one thing, that he can report back to Santa.  Because, Santa likes to know how we feel, not just what we want!

Step 3: Feel good!  You as a parent are modeling positive self-reflection AND gratitude!

You rock!

If one day you miss it.  That’s OK! Sometimes Elf just forgets that letter and has to rush back to the North Pole to get it!  Or maybe he just sends it in an email!

He has your number!