An Ode to Friendsgiving

An Ode to Friendsgiving

My first Friendsgiving was also my first adult Thanksgiving away from my family.  My current husband-then boyfriend and I lived in San Diego California.  Since we did not own a private jet (then or now) we really only made it home for one Holiday out of the year.

Our friends really did become family.

I have THAT friend.  The friend who says “I’m going to make this thing from Pinterest” and it ACTUALLY looks like the thing from Pinterest.  She has that California long blonde hair, and the laugh that makes you laugh even harder.  She is successful, smart, fun, and exceptionally kind.  She is responsible for my love of Friendsgiving.

I think that when you can’t be with family, because of one way or another, being with friends on a Holiday focused on gratitude makes you extra grateful for those people in your life.  The people you could always call, always trust, and always depend on.

Let me set the mood. Lights strung over the courtyard, picnic tables covered in parchment paper, wine bottles with candles flickering inside (Pinterest success), handwritten notes of gratitude strung.  Friends gathered, wine in hand, watching the sun set over the Pacific.  My first ever Friendsgiving….giving all the feels.  If it wasn’t already California picture perfect enough the turkey cooked while we ran a Turkey Trot complete with craft beer that morning.  All of these details were super beautiful.  We had come together and set it up as a group, and I remember feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude.  I was with friends, who felt like family, celebrating how grateful we were to  have each other.  Friends brought dishes traditional to them, and so you got the sense of being invited into each of their homes.  As friends we get together, but at Friendsgiving we get together with a mindset of appreciation for each other.  Intentional gratitude.

“Friendsgiving” is not only a catchy name for an additional party, where I eat an uncomfortable amount of food.  My friends are people in my life who are constantly GIVING.  They give me support, laughter, understanding, advice, and so much more.  So having an extra “Holiday” to celebrate THOSE people.  All those extra Aunts and Uncles that my husband and I chose to be in our daughter’s life.  Both my heart and my stomach are so full!

TodayI encourage you to take the time to reach out to the friends you are grateful for.  Just briefly saying “thanks for being here”.